T-86 Ceramic Ball Bed Support

Is ceramic ball media for bed support in the ethanol industry. It is exceptionally scratch resistant and impacts resistance, also possesses the best strength and impact of vitrified inert in the industry.  Inert Bed Support has a low porosity and can be ordered from 1.6-50 mm in diameter.  Vacuum swing drying of ethanol is a challenging service.  It consists of locking the adsorbent in place and shielding it from relocation.  It is commonly used in petrochemical and petroleum applications.  It has a elevated pressure shock resistance and allows the diffusion of gases to take place more promptly.  Its known to have a low permeability and is used in most all applications and adsorptions.  When full body verification is present it slightly reduces pressure shock resistance.

Available Packaging:  Cubic ft. bags

Particle Size: Beaded 1/4”, 1/2”