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Moisture damage may be costing your business millions every year. Whether it’s reducing the risk of corrosion, contamination, rotted cargo, or unpleasant odors; creating a dry environment is essential to minimize moisture damage. 

Delta Adsorbents specializes in desiccant that provides humidity control for protecting machinery, products, and industrial processes from moisture. This includes, small silica gel packets for retail packaging, Cargo DryPaks for shipping containers, desiccant air breathers, and filters for fluid reservoirs and storage tanks. 

Whether you supply pharmaceuticals, machinery, or food, even require humidity control for fuel plants, or dry air for manufacturing plastics; we can provide you with a desiccant solution that will minimize moisture and maximize the lifespan of your products and equipment.

Our range of desiccants includes:

Customized desiccants: We can also provide you with a completely customized bulk desiccant to meet your specific needs. Our expert staff will work with you to identify and then create the best desiccant solution that will protect your products from corrosion, contamination or any other moisture damage.

Molecular sieve desiccants: Our molecular sieves allow you to dehydrate liquids and gases by adsorption. More potent than silica gel or activated alumina, they are able to eliminate moisture from high spec industrial processes, such as cryogenic freezing.

Cleaner industrial wastewater: Reducing water pollution is vital for protecting clean water supplies, as well as the planet. We can help you meet your environmental responsibilities with advanced activated alumina, and other water filter media products that remove contaminants, such as fluoride and arsenic, from your wastewater.

Get in touch for expert advice: You can choose the best product for your application on our Desiccant Requirement Charts. We are also happy to advise you on the best desiccant that will protect against moisture and improve profits as a result.