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Desiccants and Moisture Control Products

In many industries, the introduction of moisture and corrosive gases into its operations can cause an abundance of issues that cost companies millions each year.  Moisture can cause destructive corrosion in equipment and jeopardize the performance of the impacted machinery.   Moisture content in the air can also affect the quality of goods.

Industries such as shipping and agriculture need to minimize the level of moisture to maintain the quality of the products it is transporting.  As water regulations become more stringent each year, another concern of  industries is the contamination of wastewater from manufacturing processes.  Moisture presents different challenges for a variety of industries.

Industries can be proactive in minimizing moisture and can save their company time and money by using desiccants in their facilities. Delta Adsorbents offers a complete line of desiccants that provide humidity control protecting machinery, products, and industrial processes from moisture. 

Desiccants work as a drying agent to remove unwanted moisture or gases for applications such as retail packaging, transportation containers, or fuel plants. Delta Adsorbents specializes in desiccants to support various industry needs. 

Their selection of desiccants includes:

  • Silica Gel is commonly used to adsorb water but it can also adsorb sulfur and nitrogen compounds.  
  • Activated Alumina has a large surface area and most often used for water filtration and  cleanup of environmental spills.
  • Activated Carbon is broadly used for water and air filtration and can also be used to adsorb odors and organic chemicals.
  • Gas Phase media is saturated with sodium permanganates to optimize the adsorption rate of impurities such as sulfur oxides and hydrocarbons from the air.
  • Organoclay is an efficient water filter media that successfully removes organic compounds from water.
  • Molecular sieves allow you to dehydrate liquids and gases by adsorption. More potent than silica gel or activated alumina, they are able to eliminate moisture from high spec industrial processes such as cryogenic freezing.
  • Desiccant Air Breathers are used to adsorb water from the air and removes particulate contaminants before it enters fluid systems.


Determining which desiccant to use and how much can be overwhelming. Delta Adsorbents has Desiccant Requirement Charts that can help you chose the right solution. There may be opportunities where customized solutions are needed and Delta Adsorbents experts can help create the best desiccant package to protect your products from corrosion and contamination. Providing customers with the right product is important to Delta Adsorbents and we are happy to help determine which solution is right for you. Please contact us if you have any questions.