Activated Carbon Coal Based Pellet 4mm


Activated Carbon Coal Based

4mm Pellet

Coal based activated carbon contains coal that has been processed through steam activation which then creates pores on the carbon. The pore size of the coal based activated carbon pellets help the performance to remove impurities. Coal based activated carbons are used in many applications such as gas phase, wastewater, and pond water purification needs.

Product Features

  • Bulk Density is 27-29 pounds per cubic foot.
  • Moisture less than 2%
  • Coal base
  • Chemically stable
  • Pellet form
  • Quick adsorption

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Product Variations

Variation Stock # Price
1 LB Bag ACP4M1 $19.20   Add to Cart
5 LB Pail ACP4M5 $33.20   Add to Cart
10 LB Pail ACP4M10 $44.20   Add to Cart
30 LB Box ACP4M30 $105.20   Add to Cart
75 LB Drum ACP4M75 $233.20   Add to Cart