Commercial Uses of Silica Gel Bags

By Delta Adsorbents on 10/18/2020

Silica gel bags are extremely useful for the preservation of many items. Hence, they are widely used in industrial and commercial settings. If you stop a moment and think, you’ll realize the most common place to find these small packets is inside of pill bottles. And for good reason! 

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9 Residential Uses of Silica Gel Bags

By Delta Adsorbents on 10/4/2020

From preservation to smell removal, little silica gel bags are incredibly useful. The list of applications could go on and on, but we’ve highlighted 9 great uses of silica gel bags at home and in the office.

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Where Can I Buy Silica Gel Packets or in Bulk?

By Delta Adsorbents on 9/7/2020

Silica gel is incredibly useful in controlling humidity in everything from shoeboxes to museums. Whether you’re looking for silica gel for personal or commercial use, you can turn to several purchase outlets. You can easily purchase Silica Gel directly from desiccant suppliers.

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How do Molecular Sieves work?

By Delta Adsorbents on 8/25/2020

Molecular sieves are used in a variety of applications as moisture removing desiccants and help prevent the degradation of products. Working much like a kitchen sieve, molecular sieves separate gas mixtures that contain multi-sized molecules.

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How Does a Humidistat Work?

By Delta Adsorbents on 7/5/2020

With a wide range of benefits, a humidistat is a great system that improves the quality of living by safeguarding your home from humidity related issues.  By regulating the humidity, a humidistat can alleviate and prevent mold, mildew, corrosion, and more.

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How Cannablend Can Benefit Cannabis Cultivation

By Delta Adsorbents on 3/23/2020

The legalization of cannabis in numerous states has kick started a growing industry of cannabis production. Cultivation centers and dispensaries are now becoming more prevalent in local communities. In order to abide by Best Management Practices set forth by state governments, many cannabis companies are addressing the issue of odor control.

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What are Desiccants?

By Delta Adsorbents on 4/23/2019

Desiccants for Moisture Control in ProductsA desiccant is a hygroscopic material that serves to maintain a state of dryness.  It is the opposite of a humectant which serves to promote moisture retention.  Desiccants eliminate humidity from the air and create and sustain a moisture-free environment. 

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Implementing Desiccants into Your Process

By Delta Adsorbents on 4/7/2019

Silica Gel Desiccant for Moisture ControlMoisture can create an environment that promotes the growth of bacteria and mold.  Moisture can also cause rust and damage to electrical components.   When shipping or storing products, moisture needs to be controlled to keep products unspoiled.  Desiccants offer a very effective solution to control levels of moisture especially in containers and packaging.   

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Benefits of Silica Gel Desiccant Packets

By Delta Adsorbents on 3/29/2019

Silica Gel Desiccant PacketsHave you ever heard of “adsorbing”?  No, not absorbing but adsorbing.  There is a difference between these two processes.  Understanding what adsorbing is can help explain Silica Gel Desiccant Packets and how they work to preserve your products.    

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Using Activated Carbon for Odor Removal

By Delta Adsorbents on 3/28/2019

Activated Carbon Granular BulkActivated carbon (charcoal) has proven to be a very efficient tool for removing undesirable odors in confined areas. The surface area of activated carbon allows the media to effectively absorb organic compounds.   The carbon will neutralize odors from pets, mold, human waste, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

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