Zerust Rust / Corrosion Inhibitors


Available Types of Zerust Rust / Corrosion Inhibitors

Zerust: Will protect Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Iron, Nickel, Steel and Silver. These capsules exceed Federal test method requirements, and have proven themselves in industrial settings in over 40 countries worldwide. Use these capsules to protect household items while in storage enclosures such as lawnmowers, snow blowers, outboard motors, motorcycles, garden tools, toolbox contents, firearms, coin collections, silverware, etc.

How Zerust WORKS

These patented capsules contain proprietary Zerust VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) formulations that are designed to protect metal surfaces from surface rust/corrosion while within an enclosure. When a capsule is removed from its sealed polyethylene bag and placed in an enclosure, it begins to emit an invisible, odorless, non-toxic vapor (cleared by the FDA), which diffuses throughout the surrounding atmosphere until the air is saturated. The Zerust vapor molecules will cling to metal surfaces and protect them from rust and corrosion until the metal object being protected is removed from the enclosure. After removal, the Zerust VCI molecules will automatically vaporize from the metal object leaving it clean, dry and corrosion free.


Zerust Vapor Capsules are easily and simply installed in a matter of seconds, requiring no tools or specialized labor. Simply peel away the unit's adhesive backing and affix it to almost any surface.