Sorbead R


Sorbead R® BASF

is a high performance adsorbent for dehydration of air, technical gases and liquids. The patented BASF Sorbead line of highly efficient adsorbents are alumino-silicate gels in the form of hard, spherical beads, with a very high resistance to crushing and a low attrition rate. Sorbead adsorbents have a longer life than most other adsorbents and can reduce operating costs in most applications.

Product Features

  • Crush Strength 200 lbs.
  • High Drying Capacity
  • Low Desorption Energy
  • 50 lbs/cu.ft .Bulk Density
  • Pore Volume, 0.4 cm3/g
  • Equilibrium water capacity 36.3% wt

Product Variations

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