Sorbead Orange CHAMELEON



is the newest technology in indicating silica gel from BASF. Sorbead Orange CHAMELEON is used where processes and products need to be protected from the negative consequences of humidity and moisture. Similar to our Sorbead R adsorbent, Sorbead Orange CHAMELEON is a beaded silica gel with very high mechanical integrity. It meets the demand for a heavy-metal free and environmental friendly indicating agent. With a new and improved indicator, Sorbead Orange CHAMELEON provides safe moisture indication without any concerns regarding carcinogenic ingredients. It also provides superior moisture indication with a crisp color change. The degree of moisture uptake is indicated by a color change from orange to colorless at approx. 6 wt % water content. However, it continues to adsorb water from this point until reaching its maximum capacity. 

Product Features

  • Economical and reliable
  • High Drying Capacity
  • Low Desorption Energy
  • Type Sorbead Orange CHAMELEON

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