Orange Indicating Silica Gel Packs (not for food applications)


               Orange indicating silica gel is a useful variety of desiccant; it has many possible uses in industry to meet all needs it is made in a range of mesh sizes. It is tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, and non-corrosive and does not react with chemicals.  It is tremendously porous and can adsorb a great amount of water because of its immense amount of internal surface area. Its size and shape always remain the same because it is non-deliquescent, and there are no byproducts or chemical reactions that result from the adsorption process.  The gel stays free-flowing, and dry when saturated with water.  Orange indicating silica gel is particularly useful, because it adsorbs water and then changes color, going from orange to clear as the moisture is adsorbed.

            Orange indicating silica gel, granular or beaded, has a great affinity for water.  It is capable of adsorbing gasoline-range hydrocarbons, HC1, sulfur and nitrogen compounds, CO2, C12, and many other substances. It will absorb water more readily than most other liquids and gases.  Used for a variety of applications silica gel is frequently used across a wide range of industries, which call for a selective adsorbent or a high-capacity desiccant.

            Silica gel has the ability to adsorb several substances, including aromatics, C12, CO2, and HC1, as well as large amounts of water.  Without corroding other substances or introducing toxicity it controls moisture, maintaining a dependable shape and size and not reacting with any other substances. Orange indicating silica gel, granular or beaded, removing moisture, can limit the rate mold will grow, slowing or preventing spoilage and other damage.

            Silica gel products are broadly used in retail applications; in order to absorb moisture, they are added to packaging of everything from electronics to medicines. Desiccant packets containing orange indicating silica gel are also utilized in compressed air systems. To prevent mechanical failures due to moisture buildup, it is possible to circulate the compressed air through a silica gel packet, in turn the moisture in it is adsorbed. This technique can be used in industrial settings, as well as in railway locomotives. Compressed air systems with moisture absorbers are used in combination with high-frequency satellite and radio transmission systems, too, to avoid radio signals from fading.

            Finally, orange indicating silica gel desiccant is fundamentally important as a tool for preserving important documents in museums and libraries.  Due to their age, these documents are susceptible to moisture damage; silica gel packets protect the documents' integrity, by adsorbing moisture in the air. It can be used to absorb airborne moisture in long-term storage units and in cat litter.


Due to the addition of the moisture indicator, Indicating Silica Gel should not be used in contact with products intended for consumption such as food or pharmaceuticals.