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Observation windows provide a convenient means of viewing the contents of a sealed container. These visual inspection products can be installed on a container wall, giving individuals a clear view of the interior. Individuals may choose observation windows for many reasons, but they are most commonly mounted on rigid containers or barrier bags. Sealing this type of container can be a time consuming process, so once the seal is in place, it is best if it is not broken until the contents are to be used. Creating a solid seal is essential in order to protect the contents against moisture or other possible contaminants. Therefore, once this seal has been established, monitoring the integrity of the contents is much easier with visual inspection products. Observation windows are a popular choice for visual inspection since they are easy to install. These windows can be mounted on the side of a wide range of rigid or flexible containers with common hand tools. While a number of industries may have use for this type of visual inspection product, the military and aerospace industries utilize them more than most. In some cases, an observation window is used on containers that are not meant to be opened unless there is a problem. In this way, an observation window can help monitor the integrity of the product and can ensure that the contents are both protected and in good condition. Overall, an observation window can be extremely useful for any sealed container, offering flexibility and quality.