Molecular Sieve Powder


Molecular Sieve Powder is a pulverized form of Molecular Sieve spheres.   In actuality, Molecular sieve spheres are created using the powder and a bonding agent.   The powdered version is the same chemical composition of a sphere but is used for more specialized applications.   The powder adsorbent is a freeform media that can be used as an additive to products such as paint and polymers.  The molecular sieve power removes moisture and air bubbles from the solvents.  The powder form of molecular sieves can also be mixed with active ingredients to reduce moisture from the air.   Molecular sieve powder can help prevent degradation of products such as sealants and adhesives where too much moisture can impact the performance of the product.    Molecular Sieve Powder can adsorb more quickly that the sphere shape.  Because of the powders intense ability to remove moisture from the air, it should always be stored in an air tight container until ready for use.