HS Cannablend Select


HS Cannablend Select is the superior solution for neutralizing odors caused by cannabis plants. 

  • Does not alter product.
  • Better performance than activated carbon.
  • Created for cannabis cultivation facilities. 
  • Economical and non-hazardous.
  • Does not promote bacterial or mold growth.
  • Odors compounds such as: terpenoids, terpenes, limonene, pinene, and fertilizer VOCs, removed.
  • Maintain your compliance with the cannabis industry regulations. 

Cannabis Processing Rooms use HS-Cannablend-Select in:

  • Curing/Drying Rooms
  • Cutting/Deflowering Rooms
  • Extraction and Packaging Rooms

 HS-Cannablend-Selectis an exclusive blend of different media for odor and volatile organic compounds (VOC) removal. This proprietary media is effective at eliminating the sizeable organic compounds produced by cannabis plant, called terpenoids and terpenes, from vapor phase. Bacterial or mold growth prevented with HS-Cannablend-Select. This blend can be used in indoor cultivation facilities since it was specifically created for cannabis grow houses. Typical installation is within the HVAC system.

The HS-Cannablend-Select is normally used in the final product handling rooms such as the curing/drying, cutting/deflowering, extraction, and packaging rooms.



Property: Value:
CCl 4 Activity, Min. (ASTM D-3467) 60
Proprietary active ingredient, % wt. min. 6.0
Bulk Density, lb/ft 3 32-34
Hardness, Min. (ASTM D-3802) 95.0
Particle Size 4 X 8


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