Gearbox Adapter Kit 1/2' NPT


Gearbox Adapter Kit 1/2' NPT

These adapter kits are available in eight color schemes giving the ability to distinguish various fluids and removing the hazard of cross contamination. Also due to their flexible design, they provide a cleaner environment as breathers can be attached to any gearbox ceasing the need to open it up to the atmosphere. All fluid management can be contained within this one adapter for ease of use.  Available in: Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Bronze, Silver, Gold

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Variation Stock # Price
1 UNIT ABA665-Black $154.19   Add to Cart
1 UNIT ABA662-Blue $154.19   Add to Cart
1 UNIT ABA663-Green $154.19   Add to Cart
1 UNIT ABA664-Purple $154.19   Add to Cart
1 UNIT ABA661-Red $154.19   Add to Cart
1 UNIT ABA668-Bronze $154.19   Add to Cart
1 UNIT ABA667-Silver $154.19   Add to Cart
1 UNIT ABA666-Gold $154.19   Add to Cart