Dry Kit Moisture Control 

Dry Kits are ideal for use in homes, basements, closets, gun safes, boats and RV's, and storage units.  Dry Kits protect your investment by removing moisture from the air.   It's common to have varying levels of moisture in storage facilities where you may store your boat or RV in off-season or in enclosed spaces such as gun safes and closets.   Moisture can cause damage to electronics, metal components, as well as create an environment where mold and mildew grow.   Dry Kits are designed with all the necessary products to help mitigate moisture problems.

Each kit includes desiccant bags with a moisture indicator card that will tell you when the product has expired. Simply dispose or recharge depending on the application you need.   Kits will contain Safe Dry Paks, Desiccant Bags, Activated Carbon Bag, and Humidity Indicator Cards.  Quantity and size of the desiccants in each kit will depend on the kit size you purchase.