Dry Kit Moisture Control 

Dry Kits: For homes, basements, closets, gun safes, boats and RV's, storage and more. Delta Adsorbents carries a full line of moisture control products for home and storage. We stock products to remove moisture and prevent mildew, odor and rust. We have Dry Kits for any application. Each desiccant bag has a moisture indicator card that will tell you when the product has expired. Simply dispose or recharge depending on the application you need.

So how do you prevent rust, mold and mildew odor?

The answer is quite simple when you know the science behind the formation of rust, mold and mildew. You should look out for products with corrosion inhibitors. These components prevent the corrosive process, putting a halt on the formation of rust (e.g. Zerust). For your mold and mildew problem, the next thing you should be looking for are desiccants. These are compounds that promote dryness by removing excess humidity. This is the right formula you need since molds thrive in a damp or moist environment. Removing that environment which promotes their growth, naturally eradicates them without harmful effects to us humans. Delta Adsorbents has a variety of these desiccants dry kits to cater you your moisture problems.  Desiccants can also come in combination with activated charcoal, this component helps your home, boat, RV or storage fresh smelling even in high humidity. We can create a dry kit for any moisture control problem.