Clay Tyvek Unit Packs

Absorbing desiccants are used to decrease moisture in humid areas. The uses of clay desiccant bags are efficient and a low cost solution that protects the inside of storage and shipping containers. The satisfactory temperature range is 120°F for effectively using a Clay Desiccant. Moisture control should be considered for temperatures that exceed 120°F.

The repeated usage of clay desiccants is the cheapest option when compared to other desiccants per pound. The clay is very effective when used inside of normal temperatures and standard relative humidity environments. The clay desiccants are made from very small pellets that are gray colored. It is best to be aware not to use packaged products that are incompatible with the level of low impurities inside the Clay Desiccant. Moisture control is regenerated for repeated use combined with lower temperatures. The clay desiccant will not deteriorate or be prone to swelling.

It is possible that moisture can be released into the shipping container if the temperatures exceed 120°F. It is best to use the clay desiccant within the standard operating range to allow for the correct absorbency of the clay desiccant, which prolongs its continued use.

Unit Pak Requirement Chart