Cargo Dry

Cargo Dry & Cargo Dry Plus

works by controlling moisture to keep products and packaging dry and safe during shipping or storing in containers. Cargo Dry maintains carton strength and integrity along with loose labels, keeping products in shipping and storage containers safe and dry, during shipping by removing moisture that could potentially damage products and packaging.

Cargo Dry Pak

comes in 500-gram Tyvek or 1,500-gram sewn bags and it is able to absorb 100% of its weight in moisture.

Cargo Dry Plus

consists of a three-bag strip containing 1,000 grams attached to a convenient hook that makes it simpler to hang in any area or container. Cargo Dry Plus is able to absorb 158% of its weight in moisture, allowing users to be able to save money and feel even more secure.

Use Cargo Dry Paks or Cargo Dry Plus strips anywhere excess moisture is a challenge.  Use to help control moisture and prevent mold, mildew, rust and corrosion.