Activated Carbon Bags

Activated carbon will neutralize many odors. The most effective use for activated carbon in odor control and removal is by placing the carbon bags as close to the source of contamination as possible. At Delta Adsorbents, Inc. we supply consumers with already made carbon bags in 200-gram and 500-gram form. A 200-gram carbon bag will approximately cover a 90 square foot space. These bags are typically used for odor removal in lockers, offices, and vehicles. On the other hand, a 500-gram bag will approximately cover a 250 square foot space. If purchasing carbon in individual bags is not an option for you, we also sell activated carbon in bulk. You can make your own sachets out of breathable material such as nylon, cheesecloth, or cotton. Once the sachets are made you can then fill each one up with a desired amount of loose activated carbon. At Delta Adsorbents, Inc. we aim to provide each customer with extraordinary technical and customer service for a variety of carbon applications.