Activated Alumina F-200 1/8


Activated Alumina BASF F-200 1/8

is a smooth sphere produced by BASF’s unique manufacturing process. It is an excellent desiccant for drying a wide variety of liquids and gases. The uniform ball size is especially useful in high pressure gas dehydration where minimizing pressure drop is important and tailored pore distribution provide a high dynamic H2O adsorption capacity.

Product Features

  • Uniform ball size
  • Low abrasion
  • High crush strength
  • White
  • High adsorptive capacity
  • Reusable

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Product Variations

Variation Stock # Price
5 LB Pail AA1805 $26.40   Add to Cart
10 LB Pail AA1810 $35.99   Add to Cart
25 LB Box AA1825 $53.70   Add to Cart
50 LB Box AA1850 $74.00   Add to Cart
300 LB Drum AA18300 $543.60   Add to Cart
2100 LB Pallet AA182100 $3,117.60   Add to Cart
2000 LB Super Sack AA182000 n/a Add to Quote

Product Specifications

  • Bead Size : 1/8"