Activated Alumina AAFS50 28x48


Activated Alumina AAFS50

Potable water and a cleaner environment.

  • Lowest cost per 1,000 gallons generated by high capacity and low cost per cubic foot.
  • Robust material will not deteriorate with backwash.
  • Works across a broad range of water chemistries.
  • Iron levels do not affect the arsenic capacity.
  • Landfillable, disposable without any hazardous wastes.
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI standard 61, and successfully completed an EPA ETV project.

Advantages of Activated Alumina AAFS50 in Water Redemption Applications.

  • Ideal and cost effective for a wide variety of uses including - Storm water run off, Remediation, Ballast water, Mine sites,  and Phosphate contaminated lakes. 
  • Activated Alumina - ActiGuard® AAFS50 iron enhanced activated alumina with high arsenic capacity and low cost make it the most economical adsorption route for arsenic removal.
  • Activated Alumina - ActiGuard® AAFS50 is designed for single pass use, landfill disposal, passes both TCLP and California WET.
  • Activated Alumina - ActiGuard® AAFS50 has also proven efficient in remediation applications including groundwater site clean ups and storm water protection where metals including arsenic, zinc, silica, copper, lead and selenium need to be reduced. It has proven useful in phosphate and nitrate reduction.

Product Features

  • Aluminum QQ-A-225/5 OR /6
  • Low Cost
  • No Disposal Concerns
  • No Pressure Drop
  • Certified to ANSI NSF61

Product Variations

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Product Specifications

  • Loss on ignition (300-1000°C) : 10%