Absorbents and Kits


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Absorbents and Kits

Absorbents are products designed to soak up liquids quickly and efficiently.   Absorbent products are available in a variety of types to maintain a safe work environment when handling spills and leaks in many different applications.   They can be used when a spill happens or as a preventative measure around equipment that may leak.  Absorbent products are also available to prevent moisture damage or rust.

Absorbent Pads are heavy-duty pads that absorb and contain a variety of fluids. The pads are designed with a perforated center in order to adjust sizing for a good fit or placement on a drum lid. They can also be used as a wipe as well a pad for rapid clean up. The universal absorbent pad is printed with a yellow caution message and sign to warn for increased safety need in greater work traffic locations.

Universal Absorbent Socks are flexible to fit around machinery and can help contain spills in environments such as manufacturing and assembly. Universal Absorbent Pillows are compact to fit in close areas but have a large surface capacity to handle leaks and spills.  

Spill Kits are complete kits that contain the supplies needed to quickly react to emergency liquid spills.

Dry Kits can be used to prevent moisture damage in homes, basements, closets, gun safes, boats and RV.

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