BF 7864 Sorbead R

High performance adsorbent, also known as KC-Trockenperlen® N

Product data

Revised 2015

BASF SorbeadTM R is a high performance adsorbent for dehydration of air, technical gases and liquids. 

The patented BASF Sorbead line of highly efficient adsorbents are alumino-silicate gels in the form of hard, spherical beads, with a very high resistance to crushing and a low attrition rate. Sorbead adsorbents have a longer life than most other adsorbents and can reduce operating costs in most applications.

Sorbead R is an adsorbent with a wide range of applications. Its high  level of economy (above-average drying capacity at low required desorption energy) and reliability (low level of product loss, high mechanical strength) is derived from a combination of unique properties.

Sorbead R is mainly used for the continuous drying of compressed air, technical gases (e.g. N2, O2, CO2) and liquefied gases. It is protected from eventual liquid condensate by app. 20% of Sorbead WS.

Typical properties    
Chemical composition SiO2
97 wt.%
3 wt.%
Surface area (BET) 750 m2/g  
Pore volume 0.45 cm3/g  
Equilibrium capacity for water vapor at 25˚ C 10 % R.H.
80 % R.H.
6.5 Gew.%
42 Gew.%
Packed bulk density 50 lb/ft3  
Crushing strength 200 N  
Attrition rate 0.05 wt. %  
Liquid water resistant No  

The typical properties are representative values that do not imply any guarantee or warranty by BASF Catalysts Germany GmbH.

Typical distribution of grain size

  •  2.0 – 5.0 mm
  • ​Other Sizes on Request


  • Big bag 1,875 lbs.
  • ​Poly bag 55 lbs.
  • ​Steel drums 55 lbs., 110 lbs., 330lbs.
  • ​Tins 8 x 6.6 lbs., 20 x 2.2 lbs.


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