Activated Carbon Coconut Shell Granular Specs

Delta Adsorbents AC-G is coconut shell activated carbon that used in vapor phase to remove pollutants in industries. AC-G is highly active granular activated carbon (GAC) which is manufactured from certain grades of coconut shell and activated via high temperature steam. It is recognized for its for its high hardness, low dust, and low ash content. The large surface area and high activity of AC-G, makes it ideal for removing elements in vapor phase. Coconut shell activated carbon will typically adsorb organic compounds as well as larger inorganic compounds.

Where is coconut shell activated carbon commonly used?

  • Chemical processing,
  • Air stripper off-gas VOC removal,
  • Tank or sump air vents,
  • Respirators,
  • API separator vents,
  • Modules, trays and air filtration housings.

AC-G for Air Pressure Drop

coconut shell activated carbon air pressure drop





Iodine Number, mg/gm 1100 - 1200
Apparent Density, lb/ft 3 29-31
U.S. Standard Sieve Size (Mesh Size) 4 x 8
Butane Number, % ww 23.5 (60 CTC)
Hardness, Min. (ASTM D-3802) 98
Total Surface Area (BET), m2/gm 1150 -1250
Ash, Max (ASTM D-2866) 3%