Activated Alumina AA400G
Revised 2017

Application: Fluoride & Arsenic Removal for Water Treatment

Description: ActiGuard® Fluorograde Activated Alumina is an adsorbent of metals including fluoride from potable water. Regeneration is normally used to operate at the most cost efficient levels.

ActiGuard® Fluorograde is used to simultaneously lower fluoride and arsenic to acceptable levels in one treatment.


Alumina Granules    
Size 28x48 mesh;  
  14x28 mesh  
Al2O3 93 %
Na2O 0.3 %
Fe2O3 0.01 %
TiO2 0.002 %
SiO2 0.02 %
Loss on ignition (300-1000°C) 7 %
Specific Surface Area 330 m2/g
Total pore volume 0.5 cm3/g
Bulk Density 770; 48 Kg/m3 ; lb/ft3


Outline in our Current Safety Data Sheet - Click Here