How to Rejuvenate Indicating Bulk Silica Gel and Molecular Sieve

By Delta Adsorbents on 6/9/2016

How to instructions for re-drying indicating bulk silica gel and molecular sieve.When your indicating (blue or orange) bulk silica gel or molecular sieve has reached its maximum use, don’t throw it away…re-dry so it can be used once again!

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Some Facts about Food Storage

By Delta Adsorbents on 4/28/2016

Humidity indicator cards to signify moisture problemDiscover how oxygen absorbers can lengthen the shelf life of your food. Controlling exposure to air will make a big difference in keeping your food storage fresh and free of mildew and bacteria.  

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Air Barrier versus Vapor Barrier

By Delta Adsorbents on 4/20/2016

Vapor barrier film to control moistureIt is a misconception that vapor barriers and air barriers are intended to perform the same job...not so.  By definition a vapor is a substance which is suspended within the air i.e. moisture, thus to use a vapor barrier on area that requires moisture to pass may instead trap moisture where it is not desired. 

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Moisture control for storage!

By Delta Adsorbents on 8/20/2014

The Desiccant Dry Kit was designed specifically to keep moisture out of homes, storage units, safes, and stored vehicles even when they are left over several months.

The dry Kit moisture control system absorbs moisture from the surrounding air preventing odors, mildew and rust.

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