What is Sorbead?

By Delta Adsorbents on 11/13/2016

Sorbead Silica gel AdsorbentsSorbead is made up of using components that contain alumina and silica, which offers better control of beads’ chemical composition. Not only this, it also highlights the divergence in consequential bead product. The process involved in making Sorbead from the very beginning to the end is different from other adsorbents in the world. 

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How to Rejuvenate Indicating Bulk Silica Gel and Molecular Sieve

By Delta Adsorbents on 6/9/2016

How to instructions for re-drying indicating bulk silica gel and molecular sieve.When your indicating (blue or orange) bulk silica gel or molecular sieve has reached its maximum use, don’t throw it away…re-dry so it can be used once again!

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Sorbead Uses and differences from Silica Gel

By Delta Adsorbents on 8/12/2015

Sorbead Silica Gel DesiccantSorbead silica gel desiccant is an adsorbent developed for extensive control against humidity and moisture.  Sorbead is design to extend the life time of an assortment of procedures and product quality. These amazingly effective alumino-silicate gels are hard round globules with an extreme resistance to being pulverized and are slow to erode.

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