Battery Acid Spill Kit-New Product Launch

By Delta Adsorbents on 8/29/2016

Battery acid spill kit items are enclosed within a handy carrying case.The dangers of battery acid spills can cause skin to blister and burn and present a hazard to breathing as well. Containing a spill swiftly and efficiently is critical to reducing risks to workplace employees. OHSA requires designing an active plan to strategically deal with a battery acid incident should it occur; having an easy-to-be-seen spill kit should be part of that plan.  

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High Visibility Absorbent Pads & Wipes now available from Delta Adsorbents

By Delta Adsorbents on 7/21/2016

Universal absorbent pads high visibilityHigh visibility absorbent pads and wipes create a safer environment for industry.Industrial operations require a focus on safety, creating that culture of safety involves an investment by employers and employees in reducing risks wherever possible. The effective use of high visibility universal absorbents can be part of a successful plan in diminishing those risks.


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Some Facts about Food Storage

By Delta Adsorbents on 4/28/2016

Humidity indicator cards to signify moisture problemDiscover how oxygen absorbers can lengthen the shelf life of your food. Controlling exposure to air will make a big difference in keeping your food storage fresh and free of mildew and bacteria.  

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