4A 8X12 Blue Indicating Molecular Sieve Desiccant

Product Features

  • More efficient than older silica gel and alumina desiccants
  • Crystalline composition
  • Particularly useful in cryogenic operations
  • Ease of use

Product Specifications

  • Size : 100 lbs.
1 Lb Bag
SKU: MSBI4A81201
5 Lb Pail
SKU: MSBI4A81205
10 Lb Pail
SKU: MSBI4A81210
25 Lb Box
SKU: MSBI4A81225
50 Lb Box
SKU: MSBI4A81250
100 Lb Box
SKU: MSBI4A812100


4A 8X12 Blue Indicating Molecular Sieve Desiccant is a sodium alumina silicate molecular sieve impregnated with an inorganic metal salt moisture indicator. The desiccant will perform as a 4A molecular sieve plus with the additional ability to visually determine when the molecular sieve reaches saturation. When active, the molecular sieve beads are blue, as the beads reach saturation the color changes to beige indicating that the molecular sieve has reached equilibrium capacity and is in need of replacement.